ETEPON Soldering Irons Kit

ETEPON Soldering Irons Kit

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【Update ON/OFF Switch More Safer】  ---  The update soldering irons with ON/OFF switch save energy and ensure your safe. The insulating silica gel on the iron can effectively protect the soldering iron from being ironed at high temperature or the iron tips dropping on the ground.
【Superb Advanced Version】  ---  Advanced digital multimeter with large LCD makes your testing and data reading easier.The 8-in-1 precision packet screwdriver has 8 multiples tips inside and the base is magnetic so that you won’t lose your screws easily.The compact handy design will make your soldering more efficient.
【Lead Free High-End Material For Protection】 ---  Thread of the welding gun and Copper-based iron tip has high temperature resistance not easy to burnout. Lead-free soldering wire is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-pollution. The full welding set has high insulation , not easily affected by electricity leakage.
【Heat Up Quickly And Heat Dissipation Efficiency】  ---  The 60W soldering iron heats up very fast with inner-heated ceramic technology and steel-pipe with four ventilation holes has better heat dissipation than others. Adjustable Temperature from 200~450℃.
【Wide Range Of Uses】  ---  The superior soldering iron kit widely used for soldering circuit board, phone mother board,watches, guitar, appliance repair, home DIY hobbyists, jewelry welding. You can take it anywhere with a portable PU carry bag.

ETEPON soldering iron kit in advanced version has a wide range of uses around home and work.
• Work Voltage: 110V
• Power: 60W
• Temp Rang: 200℃ - 450 ℃
• Soldering Tips Material: Pure copper
• Tweezer: ESD-15, length 4.7inches, anti-static
• Soldering Iron Stand: Steel
• Soldering Tips Model: 900M series
• Desoldering Pump: Plastic and aluminum alloy
• Solder Wire: 60%Sn-40%Pb
• Carry Bag: PU leather
Etepon Update Version Soldering Iron Kit Packing List:
1 x Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron with ON/OFF Switch
2 x Soldering Iron Tips
1 x Digital Multimeter
1 x Solder Sucker
1 x Anti-Static Tweezers
1 x Screwdrivers
1 x Soldering Iron Stand
1 x Wire Stripper Cutter
2 x 22awg Electronic Wire
1 x Solder Wire
1 x Test Leads
1 x Cleaning Sponge
1 x PU Carry Bag
Warm Tips For Soldering
⋆ Remove the multimeter back cover, insert the AAA battery(Battery not included).
⋆ It is important to keep the soldering iron clean while using it.
⋆ Please be really careful and select a suitable temperature while using the tools to avoid pricks or other injuries.
⋆ Don't pull the soldering iron tip outward and use it in that way, which will shorten the heating element life.
⋆ Working for long hours with high temperature may shorten its life.

The proper using way is to let the iron cool down after every 30 minutes continuous use. 
Please read the instruction carefully before using.
Please turn off or unplug the soldering iron when you are not going to use it in 1 hour.
Do not pull the electric wire incorrectively or vigorously which will cause a short circuit.


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